Within the walls of his studio, Josselin Vidalenc manufactures and manipulates objects with which he forms a community: with a spirit of their own, the objects affect the artist as much as he affects them. On the 18, 19 and 20 September at In extenso, Josselin Vidalenc will briefly expand the circle of this community, to a small number of people. Around a table, in an installation between sculpture, painting, decoration and furniture, the artist will orchestrate a series of sequences made out of sound, gestures and visual elements, in an order which will be randomly generated by the draw of cards designed by the artist. Rather than a spectacle, it will be the collective experience of a succession of moments composing an elliptical narrative, a deliberately opaque ritual of which each body will be part by its mere presence. The experience produced will escape its initiator to better exist through the group, and will resist the fantasy of absolute transparency which now influences every area of life.

Sound designed in collaboration with Rémy Tardieu

With the voice of Marie Serve

Josselin Vidalenc was born in 1990, he lives and works in Clermont-Ferrand.





"où l'éclairage tombe à l'eau..." (et 32 autres titres)

Thursday 18 September at 6pm,

Friday 19 and Saturday 20 at 7pm

free, duration: around 30 min

booking is necessary as the number of seats is very limited

for each session! >> contact@inextensoasso.com or 09 81 84 26 52