Acid Rain, 2014, autoclave wood, metal, concrete, cement, dimensions variable, production: In extenso

Exhibition views, courtesy of the artists and galerie Joseph Tang, Paris

Photo credits IE


The work of Sarah Fauguet and David Cousinard generally involves a visual back-and-forth between architectural features, furniture, and ornamental motifs. Cinema, particularly issues related to scenario and setting, also comes into play in the way they approach their installations.

Specially produced for their exhibition at In extenso, Acid Rain is a sculpture designed at the scale of the gallery. The work, which favors a strong ambiguity between a sculptural object and an environment, will unfold in the entire space as a kind of "foreshadowing landscape" addressed to the viewer's body, who will be caught between the desire to contemplate and to penetrate it. Playing with the ambivalence between installation, penetrable sculpture and model, the geometry, the scale, the building systems and spatial developments will be organized around this double game of viewpoints offered by the physical experience of the exhibition space, and the large window/screen of the gallery.

Sarah Fauguet was born in 1977, David Cousinard was born in 1976.

They live and work in Paris. They are represented by Joseph Tang gallery, Paris.



Thank you: Benoît Vidal, intern





12 June > 19 July 2014

vernissage on Thursday 12 June from 7pm